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MCG is a Digital Art Studio located in Paris, France, that was founded in 2008 by Creative Director LS.

Our studio is dedicated to producing high-quality Architecture Visualization, Architecture Animation, Photography, and Videography that showcases a perfect balance between artistic excellence and technical ingenuity.

We are committed to telling great stories through our images. All of our projects are approached with a unique and artistic perspective, ensuring that each one is executed to perfections.

Modeling | Rendering | Post Production


Architecture Visualization is a art of visual communication, our work is inspired by the most fundamental principles of art, such as drawing, photography and cinema, but creating high-end visualization must remain at the forefront of computer graphics technology.

We have been working with prestigious architects for 10 years, each project is a new challenge, Our satisfaction is to captures the essence of places and spaces, creating empathy amongst the spectator.


MCG Production brings together a team of photographers specialist in Paris who share an innovative artistic approach.

Weddings, Portrait Studio, Commercial, Event, Architecture, Nature, Whatever your plans, We are able to capture moments of emotion.

Our studio based in Paris is equipped with high-end Photography & Videography equipment. see it here

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An architectural film can be so much more than just a camera animation. A good movie tells a story, shares an emotion, the 3d is only one form of expression, there are so many others.


We realize architectural films with advanced cinematographic CG tools, for the 3d production and post production, make shootings at the studio with green screen background, We can also filming Walk-through or Aerial with drones, then implement 3D content into these footage.


The art of cinema is the most consumed since it integrates the five artistic elements: language, sound, image, movement and interactivity.

Making movies is a way of witnessing, sharing a look, a filmmaker needs a thorough knowledge of each branch of the service,

We realize short films, clips, teasers, promotional videos, we are open to any form of collaboration and audiovisual production.

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